Thursday, March 14, 2013

Really Random Fabric

Here are my fabric choices for
the Spring Mystery Quilt Weekend.
Thanks to all who helped me decide.
20 pretty colored fabric all numbered and laid out according to plan!
I can't wait to sew!!!!
Since this post is for
Live A Colorful Life
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I am going to go a little random here.

First of all ...
 a blogger recently asked what my favorite quilting tool is
and I said my sewing machine,
but I here is "quilting tool" I cannot sew without ... Post it Notes!

I have been known to say if I ever start my own pattern line, I could call it "Post-It Notes Patterns" ... ;)

The other day I was looking all around the house for post-it notes so I could sew and lamented to my hubby that I could not find any post it notes! I was in a dither.

So my sweet hubby bought me a present ...
... aren't  they cute?
Okay ... now for some
Really Random Fabric Pictures
I have 23 of these colorful pin dots. 
Half-yards of the brights and larger cuts of the black and gray. 
I love the colors!  
The fabric quality is quite nice for what I paid,
which was very affordable.
The Wash Test
I washed the black and gray together in the washer on gentle and machine dried a few minutes of low and the fabric quality is very acceptable. For one I cut the edges with my rotary pinking blade the other I did not.  The large cuts did not fray too much in the machine wash and dry process. I take this as a sign of good weave.
I am not quite as pleased with the hand wash results.
I hand-washed the 1/2 yards of these fabrics as I always pre-wash to remove the chemicals from the manufacturing process and so I will not have any surprises when I wash my quilt the first time.
Also, I had never sewed fabrics from this shop and manufacturer before, and I like to test my fabrics.
This sink full of colored water is run off from
only the four dark fabrics on the right. 
The first rinse sink water was just as discolored.
It took awhile to get a relatively clear rinse.
I am sew glad I always pre-wash!
Some Really Random Cuts

This hand-washed and dried half yard measures 19 inches on one end
and 17.5 on the other ... hmmmm 

Unfortunately some of my 1/2 yards are not cut straight on the grain.
The dots should be in nice even rows along the grain and they are printed properly.  However, when I press to align the grain and line the dots up on this pretty minty green this is what I get ...
I have 16.5" of usable fabric for this 1/2 yard cut.
... hmmmm ...

This is another fabric that I will have to give up inches to get 
a straight cut on the grain of the fabric.  Also,the rip you see in this selvage was the way it arrived from the online shop. Now the rip is in the grain but I honestly feel that the person who cut some of my fabrics needed more training or to be more careful.  
My LQS always makes me feel like a quilty friend they are happy to have visit and knows I am a happy customer and will return and buy more fabric.
I have also had only one other less than happy experience buying fabric online and I have bought from many nearby and online quilt shops. 
For the record, I did speak with a customer service representative about my order and am sad to say I feel I had a less than satisfying experience.
Katniss says, "Sigh."

Katniss is considering whether we will buy from this online shop again.

Katniss says "... hmmmmmm? ... maybe? ..."

I do really like the colors and the fabric quality itself is very good.

So I have decided I will order from them again
but that I will only buy large cuts or pre-cuts.
I am really looking forward to sewing this mystery.
I am sure in the end, my quilt will make both Katniss and I very happy.

The 1st Installment of the Mystery Quilt Weekend in In!

Katniss and Butterfly and I will be sewing soon!

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Have a Happy Quilty Weekend.

And if you like sewing mysterys, grab the pattern
and some jelly rolls or strips and join in the fun!


  1. They are just beautiful.Happy sewing!!

  2. I have bought from the same online shop several times and I haven't had any major bleed issues on the outfits I made using the fabrics - I do wash all my fabrics in a warm (really a coolish warm temp.) setting in the washing machine with an extra rinse and dry low in the dryer. With kids clothes I have to know that I have completely gotten all the shrinkage out of the fabric and am able to wash it in at least warm/hot setting in case my daughter gets her outfit really dirty. I do really love this company's basics colors.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your mystery quilt. It's lucky you pre-washed those fabrics though. I always use colour catchers in the washing machine :)

  4. I will be a spectator for your Mystery Quilt, and look forward to it developing.

  5. In recent years, I am less likely to cut so that stripes/dots are 100% straight but I still like to receive fabric that is even on both ends. We paid for it so I should get what we paid for! I'm also glad you washed first. It's another thing I have gotten away from but I do wash the finished quilts with color catchers and have not had any problems.

  6. Oops - forgot to say hi to Katniss and thanks for coming to Feline Friday!

  7. Your Butterfly is darling -- but Miss Katniss is beautiful! Funny -- her coloring *is* similar to Leia's! Your fabric play looks like such fun! Oh -- and I *love* your current play list! It's perfect! :)

  8. Wow! Yeah, good thing you prewashed those! That could have made a real mess. This looks like fun! I can't wait to see the finished mystery :)


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