Sunday, August 7, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching ~ Tunisian Crochet


My Perfectly Purple Shawl is progressing. 

I have completed my planned part one in this design as I stitch project.

I last showed this project in my 

Stitch Sew & Show Linky Party

The link for this particular version of the stitch is in the link above.

After I started stitching, I made a personal variation in my long stitches from what is given in the instructions. I pulled through the first two loops and then the single loop as it felt more natural to my hands.  I think I also was able to keep my elongated stitches looking straighter and neater this way.  When following a pattern, I always find what works best for me and go with that. 

I found video for a very, very similar stitch called

Framed Block Stitch by Hobby Stash

The only difference is an extra yarnover loop on the long post stitch. 

Hobby Stash

is a wonderful site for people who quilt and crochet.

I also found this virtual treasure trove of

52 Block Sampler Tunisian Crochet by HobbyStash

That would be one block a week!

I may make this a yearlong project for 2023. 

After completing 63 rows of 63 stitches across, I measured my block using my largest quilting square.  Since Tunisian crochet has a natural tendency to roll at the beginning rows and the ending row, the ruler allowed me to flatten it and get an accurate measurement.  I was very happy to find that my gage is perfect in this block.

I used a Tunisian Crochet Hook size K  ~  6.5 mm.

I really love the texture and look of this stitch.

Here is the front and the back of my block.

My plan is to add a narrow border to this block 
and set it on point for the back of my shawl.

I will start part two of my shawl design tomorrow.

Tonight I am linking up with all the lovely creations at

May your weekend end well 
and your new week be a happy one! 

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Dorian said...

That's looking really nice Pat!