Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sewing My Spring Mystery Quilt

Pretty as an Easter Basket!
All units sewn and bagged and ready to assemble into the top!
I went with Fabric Option # 3 in my previous post.
It looks to be a good choice. :)
Since I have completed all but the last mystery installment,
I have seen "The Big Reveal"
... and it is amazing!!
I cannot belive this is a mystery quilt pattern!
On the other hand, had I seen it beforehand, I might have said,
"That is beautiful but it looks very complicated and maybe I will attempt it someday when I have time." 
The mystery instructions take an intricate pattern and breaks
it down in to many small easy steps.
Before you know it, you have created  a gorgeous quilt!
On Monday, after nicking my finger with the rotary blade
late Sunday night, when I was overtired and should have called it a night ... or should have been more careful ...

(gloves are good)
At the risk of being called "The Gloved One"
this glove may become a regular thing. 
Actually, there is not much risk of that ...
I love music ... but I can't sing ... ;)
My finger has healed well and my blog hop post has been ready
and waiting to go up at midnight.
Looking forward to the blog hop ...
but for now ...
Time To Sew More Mystery!


  1. what is it with cutting fingers? I sliced the tip of my finger last week...OUCH! I've used a bunch of New Skin and Super Glue to hold me together.

  2. Ouch...I hope it is not contagious!!!

  3. So cute. This baby will eat with pleasure.'

    Thanks for showing.



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