Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two Days Before Spring Mystery Weekend!

(1) black/gray
(2) brown/tan
(3) gray/mist
(4) tan/mist
These are my new fabric choices for
 from my favorite Mystery Quilt Designer,
 at my quilty home away from home on the web ...

 There are a few Fabric Kits left in her online shop.
My initial plan had been two jelly rolls and some hand dye half-yards but I now have the fabric requirements and preliminary cutting chart
and it calls for 20 fabrics or colors.
Since my jelly rolls did not quite meet these requirements, I went digging ... and digging ... into my stash.  I knew I had some 1/2 yards of these colorful dots and larger cuts of the gray and black dots somewhere in my stash.These fabrics proved a bit elusive but I kept digging ... and here they are!  I have 23 different pin dots
Now I am doing my "which 20 colors do I choose" thing ... going back and forth over what should just be a simple choice. 
(1) Do I use the black/gray?
(2) Do I use the brown/tan?
(3) Instead, do I put in the misty green with the gray?
(4) Do I put the mist with the tan?
These fabrics are not washed so I will wash and dry and think.
Tomorrow I will cut!
Butterfly is trying to help me decide.
Butterfly says " The black and white dot matches my lovely fur coat.  Clearly this is the only choice."
Katniss is trying to help me decide.
Katniss says, "This nice tan and misty gray green goes good with my hazel eyes.  You should pick this."
If you would like to help me decide, please leave a comment.
I take all fabric decisions very seriously.
Sometimes too much sew ... ;)
Looking forward to sewing the mystery this weekend.
I have been sewing while I have been stash spelunking.

I made my Wifely Wednesday BOW at midnight ...

Farmer's Wife Block # 33
Farmer's Puzzle

This block was a little fussy and required me to make two of the units twice.  The templates did not seem to fit quite right. 
This is only my second block in this book.

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Have a happy quilty day!


  1. Hi - I'm visiting from WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and I have also visited on Monday for Let's Get Acquainted. They all kind of work for me, but my thoughts about each are - #1 is obvious color combo and if you used it before could be boring, #2 is still kind of an obvious color combo, #3 is a little less obvious and my favorite overall just because I'm not a huge fan of the tan in #4 personally - Major Disclaimer!!! I'm a blues kind of girl, but I know that other people, like my Mom, Browns talk to her and she uses it beautifully. Just my humble thoughts. Enjoy!

  2. I'm voting with butterfly on this one -- black and gray

  3. I vote #1, just because I am not a tan person and I think I have been wanting to try using some black in my quilts.

  4. Sorry, I am no help at all - I think they are all great choices.

    Your FW block looks pretty good to me!

  5. Great colors my Friend! I, personally, would go with number 3 :)

  6. Thanks! I really appreciate the input. I have decided to go with #3! Fabrics are washed and sorted and numbered and I am ready to start stripping! ... :) Pat


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