Thursday, July 17, 2014

Trends and Tradition


These are ...

and they are RJR quality fabrics. 

Specifically, Melody Miller

I preordered.

I never preorder.

I am not trendy.

I saw this fabric and my quilty muse breathed, "Yes!

This is the photo I snapped in the dim gray light of yesterday's rain
when I took them out of the nicely packaged and promptly delivered package
from Hawthorne Threads.  

The beautiful border print is

Sparkle Flower in Multi

It is has gold metallic dots and it shimmers.

These were a pre-33rd anniversary gift from my hubby when he asked me what I might like for a fabric gift.

Yesterday he brought these home and a chicken dinner.

Our anniversary was actually last Saturday ... 

and ... um ...

... on that day we both "forgot" ...

My hubby had worked all day and when he got home 
we did go out to dinner ... just like any other Saturday night.
That is the way love is after 33 years.
Every day together is another day that when you add together 
equals a lifetime of small celebrations of life.

The quilt behind these roses is My Favorite Quilt,
perfect in all its small imperfections. 

Stitched together and sometimes patched in and resewn. 

I hope to make another lovely creation with my trendy new fabrics 
with someone special.

The color says "aqua" but it is a soft mint green.

My daughter loves mint green and pink.

I ordered them two months ago and last week she showed me an online photo of a mint green polka dot tea set with little pink roses that she is thinking to ask for a birthday present from her hubby as she is now in time and place where she must invite the other ladies to tea.

Think I know my girl? 

I showed these fabrics to her via my trendy new iPhone and I am going to pack them with me for us to play with when I go to in September 
to visit my Baby Girls.

Here is my grand-darling Everly after she just got home 
from her two month checkup 
where she had three shots and needed a little comfort from
her best friend. Sierra looks so protective in this photo.

My granddaughter is so beautiful!

Baby Girl is 24" long and 13 lbs 10 oz now,
a big healthy happy baby.

In September I will be visiting when it is time for her four month doctor's check.

She will be just starting to be ready for a little cereal.

What fun!

Time to quilt the pink charm baby quilt .. .

Have a happy quilty day!



  1. What a warm, wonderful post. Thank you for sharing : )

  2. I have been drooling over this fabric, but have no one or thing in mind for it - plus such a stack of stash that is crying to be used. I'll watch you play with it. We have another 2 months wait on our grand daughter, but I love that expression 'grand darling'!

  3. Oh my, I just want to squeeze that baby's cheeks ever so gently :)

  4. Gorgeous fabric!! And another darling pic of the baby. I ordered fabric today. I never order fabric, but my shopping opportunities are so limited here, so I closed my eyes and clicked the purchase button. Shipping is so expensive and now that we have to pay tax...well, Nova Scotia's tax is 15%. That's pretty steep on top of shipping.

  5. I ordered myself a little of those fabrics and got them today mine are blue/aqua horses but they are all pretty awesome. Your Granddaughter sure is a cutie! I think we are all a little Cotten & Steel crazy! I love there basics too! Maybe just a few a month.

  6. Happy belated Anniversary my Friend. Wow, 33 yrs, that is fantastic! We are celebrating our 21st today :) although there wont be a lot of actual celebrating, lol, as dh is putting in a 12 hr day...but then, it's the weekend, so you never know. Sounds like the fabric is a perfect fit for your girl, enjoy sewing with it.

  7. Pretty, pretty fabrics! I am not buying fabric right now since I have far too much in my sewing room that I can't even fit it in my several storage cabinet. I will just watch and see what you do with that fabric (and drool.)

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both and may you have many more happy years together. On the 24 we will have been married for 49 years. We are going to celebrate big next year maybe a trip.
    Your grand darling is so sweet and lying there with that puppie is adorable. I bet you are just chomping at the bit for September to come. Hugs and Blessings Sandra


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