Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Easy XO Blocks

The XO Blocks 

on the backing of my

were easy peasy to make.

Two posts in one day.

I am sew happy with this finish.

Eight large squares 

I cut 4.5" squares.

Sixteen small squares

 I cut 2.5" squares.

Sew a small square to alternate corners on each blcok
as for a half-snowball or dugout block.

I do not draw lines.

I finger press the small squares in half diagonally and chain stitch along the fold.

I like to run a second line of stitching a half inch away on the outside of my stitching line and them cut between the lines to make HST blocks for a scrap quilt. 

Here is the block layout
with the corners pressed and cut away.

I nest the seams within the block by pressing half of my units 
inward and half outward. 

My blocks finished at 8" square in my quilt back.

You can make any size block as long.

Cut your large squares to half the size block you wish to make plus 1/2" for the seams.  Then cut your smaller squares proportionally.

Happy sewing!



  1. feeling the love....pretty fabric choice Pat

  2. Looks gorgeous and love your fabric combo!

  3. All you need is love and this quilt screams love! I adore this quilt. Is cheery!


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