Monday, February 10, 2020

If Wishes Were Stitches

My quilty kitties and I have been stitching.

Maestro is very "paws on"

Katniss has been inspecting her work very closely.

Together,  my kitties are making progress with their hand quilting.

Nutmeg is taking a nap somewhere.

Maybe I will just leave the stitching kitties to their work 
and go join Nutmeg,

Maybe the stitching will be all done for me when I wake up.


1 comment:

Farm Quilter said...

Cats are just fascinated with quilting and sewing!! The thread, that needle that goes up and down so fast on the machine, the little pieces coming out the back of the sewing machine, the pins and needles that can fly with one swat...the joys are immeasurable for cats!!