Friday, February 21, 2020

My Happy Quilty Place Today

Quilting my white lily today!

This Sweet Lily Block is a pattern by

This is going to be a cushion cover.
Here is the back in progress.
The back of the cushion is my own design.
I love making snap closures on my cushion covers.

Maestro is helping me bind my cushion cover.

It is sunny here today.
I woke to the sweet sounds of a robin calling outside my window.
I love these harbingers of spring.
Usually they do not return until March.

Although it is cold, most of our snow is gone and it feels like winter is losing its grip.

Looking forward to spring! 


linda said...

Hi,such a neat Post! All things I love Cats,Quilts,Robins in Springtime! Thanks for your Blog!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Wish our robins were back... i really miss them and look forward to seeing them in the spring! said...

Love the Lily and am envious of your Robins, may be a wee bit too cold here yet for them.

dq said...

Your quilting is very beautiful. I hope you are enjoying it. I stress too much about the quilting designs for mine.

Dorian said...

You do such nice work Pat. Your pillow cushion is coming along nicely. Love the enclosure. Hope Spring is early for you.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Very pretty quilting. I just got one of those plastic snap gismos and haven't used it yet. It's a great idea to use them on cushions. Less stress than zippers, not that zippers are stressful...snaps are just easier.
xx, Carol

Farm Quilter said...

Oh, love the quilting you are doing on your lily!! Maestro is such a great helper...too bad he can't thread the needles for you!!

Janis said...

Your lily block is just beautiful.