Sunday, October 17, 2021

Stitching Weekend ~ Day 2


Stitchy Weekend ~ Part 2

This weekend I have been able to stitch the daily block and one of the blocks that I need to complete to catch up with the daily posts for the 

 October Halloween Stitch Along @ Pine Needles

I am really enjoying this stitch along.

Today's block was this 

Ghastly ~ Day 17

I decided to add black cross stitch eyes to the ghost

and add a few stars to the sky to add some sparkle to the blank space.

Today I also stitched the 

Boo ~ Day 9

where I decided not to extend the witch's broom.

I made colorful letters as I  had decided to stitch the white ghosty next to it's "Boo" and did not want two white motifs next to each other.

Looking forward to tomorrow's block!

Linking up with 

Slow Stitching Sunday @ Kathy's Quilts

where there is always beautiful inspiration in the links. 


Jill said...

What a clever and cute Halloween cross stitch project. With each day being different, how can one get bored.

CathieJ said...

That is a cute Halloween piece. I like how each little motif is in its own box.

Missy’s Miracle Stitches said...

Thanks for the idea of stitching the "BOO" in different colors. I followed the pattern and stitched it in white but it does not show up well on my light gray fabric! I love all the extra touches you've added. So creative!

Missy’s Miracle Stitches said...

I love all the extra touches you've added, especially the colored "BOO." I stitched it in white but it doesn't show up well on my light gray fabric. I might try this!