Friday, May 10, 2013

Random 5 / Feline Friday

(1) My new "Welcome to the Scrapatch" sign
(2) for more of My Life in the Scrapatch
which is for the Quilter's Favorites Share and Learn
and may be more than you probably want to know about my quilty life,
 click Here
(3) a double tulip ... two blooms on one stalk,
randomly beautiful
(4) Patches to the current quilty puzzle

(5)  In the Scrapatch, Katniss sleeps with both eyes closed.
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Have a happy weekend!
~ <3 ~


  1. It looks like both of your cats are protecting your quilts nicely :) TGIF but more importantly, TGIFF!!

  2. Cute kitties... Love how relaxed they can be while sleeping!

  3. Nice colors in your quilt squares, what an awesome quilt that will make.
    Sandy's Space

  4. katniss you steal the show. i love when a cat sleeps with one eye open that is too funny. ( :
    is a double tulip not normal. interesting. how lucky or fun to have that happen.

  5. That double tulip must mean good luck. Miss Katniss is a doll.

    Thanks for joining in this week at R5F. xo

  6. Katniss and Butterfly look quite content!


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