Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My 300th Blog Post!

This is my first bed-size quilt!
This photo was taken 8 years ago by my daughter in her dorm room.
Notice the lipstick rolling around on the floor.

I thought this photo was lost forever! 
At one point my old computer stopped working and I lost years of photographs.  We thought we had back-ups but there was a problem there, too.  I just found this photo in an old photobucket album in an account I have not used in years.  It is a treasure.  My Girl is now receiving her Master's degree and getting married this summer.

The story of this quilt and how my quilting adventure began with this:

The cradle was made by my hubby.  The bedding was made by me.
This was 30 years ago.
My 1st Baby Boy is less than a month old in this photo.
Yes, he was a big baby and his Baby Brother was even bigger.
The Baby Boy outgrew that cradle very fast.
By three months he was in a crib and the quilt was a little small.
I made these flannel applique baby quilts with no pattern and no clue.
They were warm and snuggly and they loved them to pieces.
There might be a piece of one of the pillows somewhere in the attic.
 Unlike all the amazing and energetic quilty moms with young families in blog land, I made no more quilts for 20 years.
Until My Baby Girl, who was our youngest, went off to college ...
and the nesting instinct hit in reverse ... and I decided she had to have
a quilt from The Mom to keep her cuddled. 
My Girl and I went on an adventure to JoAnn fabrics where I bought a "Learn to Quilt in 10 Easy Lessons" magazine and she picked out enough fabric for two quilts.  I knew nothing about "quilting" fabric. 
One of the fat quarter bundles she selected were pink and gold
shiny, slippery, brocades ...
which have spend all of their quilty life unraveling at the seams. 
As I said, I was clueless.
Well ... I did manage a pretty good mitered border.
I have that quilt in a closet at the moment waiting for me to do more damage control on it when I have time.
This trip down memory lane seemed a good topic for my 300th post.
I was wondering what I should blog about for this bloggy milestone when this long lost photo came to light again an my quilty blog muse whispered.
I am closing with a very blurry picture taken with an old cellphone of a much younger Butterfly enjoying this first bed quilt one summer day when
Our Girl and Her Quilt were home. 


  1. 300 Posts! Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your quilting journey. What a bright, colorful, happy quilt on your daughter's dorm bed.
    Beautiful quilt on your design wall in previous post.

  2. Happy 300 posts and many, many more! Glad you were able to recover lost photos....they are so priceless!

  3. Congratulations and what a great photo I am so happy you found it. B

  4. How fun to look back! You did an amazing job on a first quilt. =)

    We had computer problems and lost a lot of photos once too...they were of my son's first year of life...makes me sad still. =(

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Congratulations on 300 posts. I really enjoyed reading your trip down memory lane and sharing your found photos :)

  6. 300 posts and a trip down memory lane. I love it. I used to provide tech support to our school and I preached backup, backup backup! Now with online backup it is easier to backup those precious memories!

  7. 300! Wow! Congratulations! :) you first bed sized quilt is lovely, even if some of the materials didn't last ;) and see how far you've come! It is good to look back sometimes, if only to see your amazing progress :)


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