Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Drop of Sunshine Block ~ A Tutorial

A Drop of Sunshine
An Original Block
Block Size:  12.5" by 16.5"
This block will be sent to
quilts for Boston
How I made this block:
the plan
I knew I wanted to make a block that represented "a drop of sunshine."
I had a basic sketch of the idea.  The block image in my head was all shades of yellow with a blue sky and was made with one of my favorite new quilty rulers,  the Hex n More .  
I gathered my yellow fabrics.  Many of these were scrap strips and one was 2" wide so I went with this width for the strips. Placement of the yellows was decided in part by the length of my scrap strips. I decided on a medium solid blue for the sky.
the drop
the 2" strips for the "rays"
the shape
trimming to shape
using seam roller to press seams open as I sew
move to table for trimming and shaping

adding strips
gaging size
bottom edge to measure 12.5 inches

adding rest of yellow strips,
seam rolling open for longer strips seams
1st blue sky corner
figuring the 2nd corner
cutting down the top to size ... 16.5 inches
figuring the top corners

 trimming the block to 12.5" by 16.5"
(back showing)
after adding the corners

not quite the image I want

back to figuring and sewing corner 4

This is more like it!
I'm calling it "Done!"
This block was made in memory of Lu,
whom friends say was full of sunshine.
For my
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More blocks to make ...
just keep sewing ...
~ <3 ~

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