Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hexagon Flower Quilt

Hexagon Flower Table Quilt
Flowers By Scrapatches
An original design

This is one of my projects
for my "Say it with Flowers" Blog Hop post
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Tutorial for this Hexagon Flower Quilt
My daughter asked for two smaller quilts
 for her guestbook table and cake table.
For this smaller quilt, I tried a new shape and method.
This one starts with the same six white center flower petals,
but is shaped by adding strips to make the hexagon as follows ... 
Triangles are added on opposite short corners

Nest Seams
Flower Press

Strips are added on three alternating sides at a time.

I like to use my seam roller on these short seams as a go along,
pressing the seams outward.

 I also square and trim as I go along.
 three sides done
Then I add the other three sides pressing and trimming as before.

Continue adding strips in rounds.
All the strips are 2.5"

Sandwiched, pinned and ready to quilt.

For these quilts I opened the new pair of Machigners
quilting gloves that I purchased some time ago.

My Girl and I went thread shopping and she selected a
variegated light lavender King Tut cotton.
straight line quilting with my walking foot
 I used a decorative stitch from my machine to add thread details.

close up of quilting

quilting on the backing

The finished quilt measures 21" across the straight sides
and 24" point to point.
This was actually the first quilt I completed.
My Girl loved it!
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Butterfly says "Thanks for visiting!'
Butterfly was very helpful in the making of this quilt.

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  1. Because I am a hex nut I am going to try this. Its getting pit in my someday pile. Thanks, and congratulations to you and your girl.


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