Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Building Blocks Tuesday

Blocks for Boston
click on block name for tutorial
I will make this block again and would like to make a quilt with this block design. I will most likely simplify the block making the trapezoids one piece,an interesting dimensional fabric such as a strip or chevron.
I will make this block again. 
No changes.
I am thinking to make a wall size mini-quilt in this design.
It would be really fun to quilt.
I feel this was my least successful block, even after making improvements. It was a challenge to make this not look like either a pineapple or a pear.
In retrospect, I would make the drop smaller and the blue field larger and place the small drop in a slightly different place.  I almost took this one apart and remade it before I sent it, but decided it was time to call it done and get to the post office to mail.
I will make this block again in a whole quilt design with construction changes.  It is added to "the queue" ... though not near the top of the list.
These blocks will be going in the mail today to
quilts for Boston
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  1. Hi Pat,
    I think that is so wonderful that you are working on these quilts for Boston. I love the colors! So cheerful~ ♥♥♥

  2. Great blocks - my favourite is the last and I've noticed that you've done a tutorial for it so hope it's okay if I pin it :)


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