Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time to Quilt!

Cat On Guard
Butterfly says ... 
"Mama is working on one of those top secret quilty projects."
It is for ... 
"Mama says we have to be ready to post on May 29th ...
so I have to be very helpful."
Under Wraps
"Mama said to keep this under wraps ...
that means I wrap up in it and jump out at you if you try peeking.
You do not want to mess with The Claw."
"Mama, you do not want to quilt this right now do you?
I need my nap."
The Chair

"Mama took the quilt.
This leaves me no choice but to
take The Chair"


(in the uncomfortable folding chair)
It's The Cat's Life.

 ~ <3 ~


  1. I can't wait to see your pretty Pat! I need to get quilting mine too!!

  2. Haha! Very cute! My cat just snipes my chair. She has yet to wrap up in one of my projects. Thanks for the smile this morning! Can't wait to see what you have made! :)

  3. Butterfly looks like a very helpful assistant! I'm looking forward to seeing what you're making!


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