Friday, May 17, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1)  My Mother's Lilacs
 My Mother passed away several years ago after a long decline in health and in her older years she was not able to care for her garden and flowers.  Her favorite lilacs had become overshadowed by a large tree and had become woody and had withered away to just one small bush crowded by other growth.  That last bush had not bloomed in years.   My hubby and I were able to save this last one by transplanting and tending and now it blooms again each spring and I like to think My Mother is smiling.
2) The Katniss on her leash
Here is Katniss outside on her leash watching the birds and waiting patiently by the chairs for her humans to return.  Hubby was working in the yard and went in to make a cup of coffee and I was cat sitting and decided it was a photo opportunity.

3) The Butterfy had pressing matters
Butterfly was a very busy and helpful kitty in my sewing room today. We are making  The Bride's Choice table quilts for Our Girl's wedding.

This quilt was made for my daughter to take to college. This photo was taken eight years ago by her in her dorm room.  I thought this photo was lost and just happened to come back to me this week. It is a treasure.  
I love the little detail of the lipstick rolling around on the floor.
I blogged about this and my first quilt this week I reached the blogging  milestone of my 300th post. I like to think my quilting has come a long way since that quilt.
5) Just for fun, I have entered My Dresden Square Quilt
in the big online spring quilt show @ Quilt Blogger's Festival.
If you like quilts, click on the link and enjoy the show!
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  1. Such wonderfully talented quilting. Good luck on your entry.

  2. I LOVE the colors of the quilt you made your daughter. It's beautiful! And I love the shots of your very helpful kitties! :-)

  3. lovely Lilac tree story, your quilting is extraoridinary, sweet kitty shots...

  4. Love your 5 facts -- especially the lilac bush. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Beautiful post! Love the lilacs. I'm so glad they're blooming, and yes, she likely is smiling. :)


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