Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love Blooms Table Quilt

Love Blooms

My first table quilt for my
daughter's wedding is
Quilted and Ready
and looking very bridal!

The Bride's Choice Fabrics

For my  "Say it with Flowers" Blog Hop project
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I am making flower table quilts
for my daughter's wedding reception tables. 
I need 8 done by the beginning of August.

I started with a white center,
cut from a 2.5" strip with my

I cut 2.5 inch strips for the next 4 colors.

I sewed the rounds only to the thee outside edges
of the white petal shape.

I pressed, shaped and trimmed after each round.
I used my Hex n More ruler to shape and square.

sewing the last 4th color

my first competed petal

This one is made with all 2.5 inch strips.

It has the distinctive "jewel" shape of the Hex n More.
I like it but I am not sure this is the effect I want.
I am thinking I want a wider dark purple band around the edge of the flower which will also be bound in the dark royal purple.
Back to the cutting board ...
to give the petal a wider, rounded edge...
 For the last round this time,  I only added
two triangles on the side with scraps from my strips.
Then I cut a 5" strip for the last piece.
 Adding the last strip is now 5"

this is the idea ... combining the
Hex n More shape
with my
Quick Curve Ruler
to make a rounded edge for the flower

curved or no?

(This looks  a lot like a half of a butterfly to me. Eureka!
This means there is a Butterfly Hex N More quilt in the queue.
But that is for another day ... or blog hop ;)
I think I like the second one, but decided to defer to The Bride.
The Bride says, "I like the curved petals."

Time to make 6 petals for the 1st flower!

When making the petals to assemble the flowers,
press three inward and three outward
so the seams can be nested when sewing them together ...
Butterfly is on watch for suspicious birds while I press.
just keep sewing

Butterfly says, " You keep pressing. I got rid of those birds.  
Now I'll just rest up for the next invasion."

Butterfly says, "You got this. Cat nap time."
Six Petals!
Time to sew them together!
Katniss is now on quilty helper duty.
detail of back showing seams pressed for nesting
nest and pin seams
 sew, removing pins as you go
 first two petals
sew 3 petals together to form two halves,
press center petal outward to find center point

pin center seam
 nest seams outward, sew two halves together
ready to sandwich and quilt!

 quilting around the flower shape

pin marking and adding the decorative stitch

Katniss inspects my work

keeping the lines straight

Butterfly checks my tension

cutting the flower petal shaped edge

binding the curve

handstitching the binding to the back

close-up of quilting


One done and seven more of this design to go!
For an Alternate Flower Quilt ...
My daughter asked for two smaller quilts
 for her guestbook table and cake table.
 For more pictures and how to
Click Here

More table quilts to make!
Time to sew!

Thanks for visiting my Flower Scrapatch today!

~<3 ~


krislovesfabric said...

I think I love the first one best but they are both wonderful!

Northern Deb said...

Congrats, Pat (and daughter!)... Hope it's a wonderful, happy day. Loving all the purple fabrics and your hexagons.

Patty said...

Lovely. The tables will be a lovely thing to behold. Don't forget to show us in August, after things settle.

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

Thank you so much for this great tutorial!
Your quilting is beautiful too.

Frederika said...

This tutorial is great. I just have to find me a template like yours. I will make this one.
Thanks for sharing

Sarah said...

Outside of the fact that purple is my fav color...the reception tables are going to be gorgeous!

Cindy Maki said...

Oh, my Gosh. These are beautiful. How long does it take to make one?