Friday, May 24, 2013

Random 5 Friday

(1) This is Stephanotis
I knew this only as Jasmine when
I received this plant from one of my sons for Mother's Day.
So I had to look it up.  I always start on Wikipedia.  
I love Wikipedia.
(2) I also had to look up How To Care for this lovely fragrant plant.
The scent is wonderful.  Not too strong. 
Just a touch of sweetness in the air.
I do not have the greenest of thumbs.  I hope to keep it happy.
The buds were closed tight when I received it.
Now the flowers are opening and a few new buds have formed.
So far so good.

 (3) I am quilting this week.
This is the back of my project.
It is for my daughter's wedding tables.
Next week I will be posting photos of the front in a blog hop.

(4) This is a very random close up of the varigated lavender cotton thread
that I am using and my bobbin winder on my sewing machine. 
I love my bobbin winder.
Many years ago I had an old machine and no bobbin winder.
I can remember winding bobbins by hand ...
 around and around and around and around.
(5) This photo is blurry but I like it because Butterfly,
who is 13 years old this year, looks very kittenish. 
Butterfly is very playful and loves to roll up and hide under my quilts
and whatever I am working on. 
Lots of my quilt blocks get re-arranged for me this way. It is okay.
I love Butterfly.
I am linking up again today with one of my favorite weekly linky parties ...
I always find lots of interesting photos and facts and stories.
Have a lovely long weekend ...

and remember.
~ <3 ~



  1. I cannot imagine hand winding bobbins!! I didn't know Jasmine was called S. and if the backing of your quilt for the table is this beautiful how must the right side lovely.

  2. Your kitty is adorable. I didn't know that stephanotis and jasmine were the same flower. I think stephanotis is what I carried in my wedding bouquet - it does smell nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the front of your quilt!

  3. Butterfly is adorable! What a sweetie. :)

    I didn't know Stephanotis and jasmine are the same flower! It's so delicate and lovely.

  4. I envy all you talented women who know how to quilt! I wish there were quilting classes around here!

  5. At first I thought that was nicotiana -- very similar blooms.

    Lovely quilting -- I wish I had the patience. Have a great weekend and thank you for joining in. xo

  6. The Stephanotis is very beautiful - as is your quilting. If this is the back, the front must look amazing!

  7. I, too, love Wikipedia!
    I'm always looking things up & learning on there. :)
    That quilting of yours looks amazing.
    My old sewing machine had a worn out bobbin winder - it is definitely something I'm thankful for each time I re-fill a bobbin now!

  8. The quilt you are making looks Great!!
    Looking forward to see the finished result.
    Regards InGa

  9. Your Stephanotis is beautiful - I have always called it Jasmine too. And your quilting is just amazing. If I could quilt half as well as that I'd abandon piecing and just make wholecloths :)


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