Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Banner Flags "To Boston With Love" - Improv Heart

 My "To Boston With Love" Banner
This is my contribution to
To Boston With Love
announced today that this is the venue for this display is the
That is so amazing !!!
You may also read and see more by visiting
who is receiving and arranging the display for this wonderful event!

Amy has photos of some of the lovely flags she has made and received
on her During Quiet Time Blog
Thank You, Amy!
Here is my third flag ... 
This is an improv heart made mostly with scraps from my other flags.
I started with this pattern inspiration: Strippy Heart @ the VMQG
I gathered my scraps and sewed without a pattern.
I had some small strips between 1" to 1.5" of the pinks and reds, two solid blue strips and some triangles of the "love" fabric that I wanted to use.
I just had fun and played with the pieces.
Here are the photos of the sewing ...
piecing the pink scrap strips together

 seeing how it might work

adding solid blue "sky" side strips
The rough idea for the triangle piece for the bottom of the heart is in this photo, too.
I just sewed pieces that looked like they might work together and
figured from there.
checking for size
The front of the banner needs to be 6.5" wide unfinished
and 8.5" long unfinished to make the 6" X 8" finished flag.
adding triangle to make the heart shape corners
These blue triangles are actually some I had tried sewing in the top unit that did not work so I used my trusty seam ripper to remove and reuse.
sewing on the bottom unit
This is a leftover triangle which I made an upside down flying geese block and added blue side squares to make it wide enough.
figuring the top
This is my second idea on how to use the smaller "love" triangles
to make the top heart points.

sewing sides to the heart points
this is the top unit before sewing
pressing well before I cut it down to size
  my improv heart block
made from scraps
cutting down
 to the 6.5" by 8.5" unfinished block size
I am pretty happy with the way this banner flag worked up.

It took about an hour of happy time in my sewing room to make this flag. 

My little banner ready to mail.
To read about my Love Bird Banner flags click Here
Thanks to the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild for making this happen!

Thanks to all who send

"To Boston With Love"


  1. They look wonderful! Thank you for participating!

  2. Beautiful flags! They'll look wonderful flying with all the others :)


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