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Boston Hub Block ~ Tutorial and Tips

Boston Hub Block
an original block design
Unfinished Block Measures 12.5" by 16.5"
Tutorial and Tips for machine sewing pieced hexagons
This is the first of my blocks to be sent to

Quilts for Boston
is collecting blocks to be sewn into quilts of comfort for these families.
Please click on the link or image for more information.

My "Post-It Note Pattern" sketch
This is the idea and here is how I made the block
with tips for sewing pieced hexagon shapes.

The colors for these blocks are blue, yellow, white and gray and the size calls for the blocks to measure 12.5 inches high by "width of choice."  I decided that if I started with a 6.5" hexagon center and added 2.5" strips to the sides, I could add a border that would make it 12.5" high. I was not sure how wide this block would measure but I estimated it to be between 16-18 inches. 

I knew I wanted a blue hexagon center
Since I wanted to machine piece and avoid "Y" seams, I knew I would have to piece the center hexagon.
I used one of my favorite new quilting rulers, the
I determined that my triangles for the center would have to be cut from a 3.75 inch strip for the seam allowance. I temporarily marked my Hex n More ruler with a piece of removable tape.
I cut a 3.75" strip
and cut six 3.75 inch  triangles
then I cut six 6.5: half hexes from a 2.5 inch yellow scrap strip
the pieces to the puzzle
I laid out the triangles and half-hexes and decided on a solid white
for the "spokes" of the hub and the block corners.
 I cut the half hexes in half to add the white spokes.
The white center strip for the spokes is 1.5" by 2.5"
sewing the center spokes
At this point I realize that my half-hexes were now too large
because of the center strip, so I cut 1/4 inch off each side.
I added a 1.5" strip of white to each side of the half-hex
and I trimmed the extra.
finger press the blue triangles and half-hex strips in half
to find the center.
pin center and sew
At this point I decided to add a 1.5" strip of blue to the triangle unit.
the new pieces to the puzzle
I pressed each of the triangle units in opposite directions so that
I could "nest" the seams to get a more accurate seam.
 I used the Hex n More ruler to trim the units.
nest seams, pin
sew nested seams, removing pins as you sew
the first two triangle units sewn together.
At this point Katniss decided to check my work while
I sewed the rest of the triangle units.
This shows the back of the units, sewn, trimmed and pressed for nesting the seams together.
Sew into half hex units and press to nest seams.
Hexagon unit completed showing that the center is a 6.5" hexagon.
placing the block for checking "squareness"
The bottom edge of the block is on the zero line of my mat.
I used the lines on my cutting mat to make sure the hexagon was "square"
 The ruler is along the dotted 60 degree line on my mat

I used this ruler to determine the size and shape of the corner triangles needed to make the block rectangular.

 Then I cut the white corner triangles oversized
and sewed on opposite sides.
 My unfinished block measures 12.5" by 16.5"

I am calling this the "Boston Hub Block."
Boston's nickname is the "The Hub."
The logo of the Boston Bruins hockey team is a hub

I made this block is in memory of Martin,
who was a Boston Bruins fan.
I hope you have found this tutorial and the tips for how I sew pieced hexagon units helpful.  If you have nay questions, please contact me. My email address may be found in my header bar under "Contact Me".
Please feel free to make this block or your own variation of it.
If you do make this block and use my tutorial, please link back to my blog.

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  1. A great tutorial! The more you use that tool, the more I think I need one. Very cool block!


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