Monday, May 13, 2013

On My (new) Design Wall

This is my current quilty project.
I love the way this is coming together!

I have been testing this pattern for my

Dorian will be hosting a Saturday Special this weekend  at
and this lovely pattern will be available free for a short time.

This is my temporary design wall. 
It was very easy to set up and works quite well.
It is just a large piece of thin soft polyester batting gently pulled taut and pinned over the large wall quilt in my sewing room. 
Since my sewing room is much smaller than the dining room space I had used before and my cutting table is smaller, I have not had a good space to lay out and view a quilt top in progress.  This is a very convenient solution.  I hope to make a more permanent design wall in the future. This may be a bit tricky on this wall, as there is a hidden door and doorframe behind this quilt.  I may have to rearrange my sewing room so that I can use the largest wall for my design wall or I will have to build a frame on this one to make it flat to support the more permanent design wall. Something to think about.

Katniss was very curious about the new project.
and was also very helpful ...

pressing my block units for me.
Such a helper.

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Thanks to Plum and June for this quilty fun!


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Have a happy quilty day!



  1. What a beautiful quilt that will be! Dorian does such lovely work. Nice design wall, too, however temporary it may be. :D

  2. This is looking beautiful! And I like your design wall idea :)

  3. Lovely quilt..... and I do enjoy a good cat iron!

  4. Beautiful quilt design. What is it about cats and quilts..I don't have a design wall so as soon as I start laying my blocks out on the floor the cat sits on them!

  5. Gorgeous quilt! Could you also send Katniss over to train my cats on proper pressing techniques? LOL! Thanks!

  6. Nice looking quilt! Can't wait to have a design wall.

  7. That's going to be a beautiful quilt. I had a good laugh about Katniss pressing your blocks. Too funny!

  8. That's a great quilt pattern and I particularly like your choice of colours. How great to have a design wall to lay it out on as you go :)


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