Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quilting ... quilting ... quilting ...

The wandering giraffes are quilted.
The star blocks and sashing is done.
Butterfly has been very helpful.
Each giraffe is different.
At this point, I have named them all.
This is Specks.

The Paw is stalking Specks.
The Cat is saying,
"You are not planning to quilt this right now, are you?  Think again."

Detail of the border quilting on the backing.
Corner Template
Marking the corner with pins for quilting.

Corner quilting.
 The Cat prefers fresh quilts for napping.
I am really going to have to "de-fur" this baby quilt before I send it home.

Despite the frequent cat naps, I have the center of the quilt done and two borders and one corner. I need to get this in the mail by Saturday so the baby grandma may deliver it for Mother's Day.

Good kitty!
Butterfly is napping on the old utility quilt in the window.

Butterfly is enjoying the fun at

Feline Friday

where quilty kitties love to party.
Time to get-r-done!


  1. I really like how you quilted the giraffes

  2. I as a gma need to make this for its cuteness and evidently coziness from the furry quilter, my new gbaby is due in Dec..

  3. Could have sworn I told you how much I love those giraffes. Guess not! But I do :) They are so cute and the quilting is fabulous!

  4. The Paw knows a good quilt design when it sees one. Giraffes are my #2 fav can guess #1! I hope you got your quilt done in time!

  5. Another great quilt helper from the feline world!


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