Saturday, October 12, 2019

Long Sewing Weekend ~ Day 1

This little quilty kitty  is enjoying the new covers that I sewed last night 
for the small pillows on my bed.

The ones I made to go with  My Favorite Bed Quilt in 2011 
were beyond "shabby chic" and just plain shabby and worn out.

In those days, my black and white kitty was my Butterfly,
who crossed the rainbow bridge two and a half years ago.

Today it is my Maestro.

When I adopted Maestro as a kitten
she very much reminded me of The Butterfly,
and not just because she is a black and white tuxedo cat.
As she grows older, Maestro displays more and more of a similar personality.
From the very beginning after we brought her home as a three month old kitten,
Maestro would seek refuge in the very same nest under the bed as Butterfly
whenever strangers come into the house.
Her sister Nutmeg's choice of hiding place is the cellar.
Katniss is not afraid of visitors; 
she is more of a "hello and nice to meet you" cat.
Kitties are all very unique, but Maestro absorbed some of those Butterfly vibes 
in her choice of napping places. 

The small pillow cover was made from this

The new bed quilt is my Sundrops Jolly Bar Jazz Quilt made here.

The green border in the new pillow is from scrap strips for the quilt and this pillow cover.

Since my favorite blue and yellow and green quilt and pillow cases and such are wearing out,
I am making my new bed in some of my favorite Corey Yoder fabrics.
You can see in this photo the yellows and greens are  the same shade.
The yellow "rosebud"  print on the round pillows is my favorite one of her prints. 
The green text print is from an older Lella Boutique line.
I like my quilts to be a scrappy mix.

Maestro likes it too.

My sewing project today is finishing the top for my 

which is all one fabric line with a green background.

(hmmm ... there is my favorite shade of green again.) 

Quikty Kitty Nutmeg is my sewing chair buddy as I sew. 

Do you prefer a scrappy mix of whatever fabrics you have on hand
or a planned quilt on one fabric line with a solid background fabric ?

Whatever you choose to sew, have a long and happy sewing weekend ... :)

4 comments: said...

Oh your bed is so pretty. I go back and forth. Sometimes I am scrappy, sometimes I like the no brainer use fabric from one line, or one designer.

Sherry said...

Always love reading about the kitties and your new pillows and quilt are lovely. I am scrappy for leader and ender quilts but tend to go with a line of fabric for others.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely quilted bedding and pretty kitties. I'm new to quilting, but I knew I would learn to quilt when I retired. I have a HUGE fabric stash but always find a reason to buy more. Right now, scrappy is getting my attention.
xx, Carol

Teresa said...

I love scrappy quilts, but I am finding that my stash has some really old fabrics that I really am not into the colors anymore. It funny how over the years our fabric tastes change. Your quilt and pillows look so cheerful and Maestro seems to be comfortable with them.