Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bone Broth for the Little One ~ Part 5 ~ The Finish!

Time to bind and complete the pillow!

Bone Broth For the Little One ~ Part 5 ~ 
Binding and Finishing The Pillow Cover

This is the last part of he series on how to make the
Bone Broth For the Little One Block and sew it into a Pillow Cover. 

Here are links to the other parts of this tutorial: 

At the end of Part 4 the front and back pillow panels were completed.

This panels need to squared and trimmed with your ruler to 18.5" square.
They must be the exact same size to place one on top of the other 
and bound together to be bound.
They need to be sandwiched with fusible fleece facing the inside
and the front and back of the block facing outward.

Here is a good video showing one way to bind a quilted pillow: 

Please watch this video if you have never bound a quilt before
as I will refer to it later for specific details of the process. 

My personal method is somewhat different.
As I have said, find what works best for you in your sewing place. 

This method machine stitches the strips to the front of the pillow 
and hand stitches the binding closed on the back.

I auditioned several binding fabrics and decided on this gray metallic print.
Al that was left in my stash were these two pieces.

The larger one, which was less than a fat quarter yielded enough strips
for my pillow binding.
I cut my binding strips 2.5" wide.

I sewed these five strips into one continuous strip
and pressed in half leaving a 1/4" inch single layer on the edge I will sew to my pillow,
leaving about a six inch strip of fabric at the beginning and ending.
Watch the video to de-mystify this process.

In this photo I have drawn a line to show this quarter inch and my stitching line. 
I find this reduces the bulk in the binding a little and makes it easier to fold to the back.

When I reach a corner I stop 1/4" from the edge and backstitch off the top edge.
Then I turn the corner and fold the fabric to form the corner and reposition the needle
and continue on the next side.
The video link above is very helpful in showing this step. 

This is how I close my binding.
I do not sew diagonal seams when binding.
I fold my opening and closing ends back and finger press a 1/2" seam where they meet.

I pin straight across.

Then I stitch the ends closed.

Then I stitch the opening closed and turn my binding to the back of the pillow
and prepare to hand stitch.

I use plastic binding clips  to secure this fold before stitching.
quilty kitties think binding clips are a fun toy.

Here is the front of my pillow clipped.

Here is the back, starting to hand stitch the binding.

My new favorite kind of binding needles are
Tulip Short Sashiko Needles
These are very strong and feel comfortable in my hand. 
I used to sometimes bend regular sewing needles while binding.
These do not bend. 

This is a close up.
This is called a "blind hem stitch." 

Here is a handy chart showing different kinds of hand stitches.

I use a

to tuck in my corners to make them neat.

This is another fun quilty kitty toy.
My quilty kitties and I had fun with this project.

I actually love to hand stitch a binding closed.
One of my favorite moments in quilting is taking that last small stitch, knotting off,
and turning my quilted project over to see the front of my ...

 ... new finish!  Sew exciting!

If you would prefer to machine bind your pillow,
there are many tutorials and videos on the quilty net to show you how to do so.

I have a tutorial for adding a two color machine binding ...

Two Fabric Flanged Machine Binding Tutorial
This is my personal favorite machine binding method.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial series for making this quilted pillow cover.

Please let me know is you have questions or feedback to
scrapatches @ gmail.com

May you soon have a cute "Bone Broth for the Little One" pillow in your Star Wars corner.

If you make  this project, me and My Girl would love to see it!

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