Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Rowing Along In 2020

Here is the start of my Sunflowers Row by Row Quilt.

I am sewing this as a new bed quilt with these beautiful ... 

 Clothworks Sunflowers fabrics from my stash.
This fabric line is circa 2012 and is out of print.
The yellow on the left is a Kaufmann Fusion tonal which is also out of print.

There are three rows up.

If you want this pattern,
download these free patterns now as they will be removed later to
make room for the newer rows as the years goes on.

As you can see, I am getting a late start,
but a new row is posted every other week so I have plenty of time to catch up soon.

I have more yardage than what is called for to make the quilt, 
but I want to make a larger quilt widthwise
so I am hoping to have enough
to finish the quilt.

These are all end of bolts bought when this fabric went into the clearance section
of my favorite local quilt shop.

I am saving the green and brown in the upper right for the binding. 

I am making this bed quilt to match this wall quilt,
which was made from a kit in 2012 ...

... and this table runner which I designed and made from the cutaways from the wall quilt. 

I am really enjoying sewing these pretty fabrics again
and am working on row 2.

More photos soon!

May you be well and safe in your happy sewing place.



Dorian said...

Looking good Pat. So bright and colorful, sure does bring a smile to my face :)

Calicojoan said...

Love your fabrics!