Friday, March 20, 2020

Bone Broth for the Little One ~ Tutorial Part 2 ~ Fine Details of the Applique

This post covers the fine applique details
 in my series of tutorials for how I made  my

pillow for my daughter's Star Wars Reading Corner.

If you have to make one for your home or a gift you may

Trying to bring those eyes and face to life was very intimidating for me.
My Girl and I went back and forth on how they should look.
I worried about my applique skills being up to the task.

Here is an alternate audition of white details.

We settled on these small silver slivers.
Usually I just add critter eyes onto my applique by fusing the large iris first 
and then the pupils directly onto the block.
This time I was really worried about messing it up and having to start over.

So I chose an alternate method ...

I made the eyes first keeping the brown irises on the applique paper backing
and adding the black pupils  and silver slivers
and then cutting them out of the paper backing.

I set my machine to use a zig zag stitch to add the black pupils and sliver slivers
as this was easier to turn and secure than my usual blanket stitch. 

Here is a work in progress image of the back of the eyes.
After cutting them out I used my seam ripper to cut and pull away the 
paper backing before I fused them to the face.

Then I blanket stitched the completed eyes to the block.
This worked well for me and I will do this again to add small details
to machine applique blocks.

Then it was time to add the brow lines with a regular straight stitch.

I went back to my practice piece and drew with a Frixon pen
and practiced stitching.
I was still a little worried about messing it up.
Sometimes applique stitches show when you pick them out 
because of the stiffness of the fusible.

Then I took the plunge and did my best.
I forgot to take in process photos,
but I can say I outlined the eyes first,
then added the brows over each eye,
then the forehead line
and finally the hint of a nose.

I am very happy with how this worked up. 
Not perfect ... but this may be my best machine applique ever!

Here is the back of my applique.
Very neat for me.

Then I cut a 19" square of the Pellon Fusible Fleece.

Following the manufacturer's directions, I pressed my block 
with a dry iron to the fleece 
by starting at center and slowly moving outward.

My block is now ready for quilting.

Part 3 ~ Quilting My Block
 on my regular sewing machine 
will be posted tomorrow. 

If you have any questions, you may email me to
and I will do my best to help.

Happy Quilting!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thanks for the progress post. I have never done machine applique.
xx, Carol

Colleen D said...

So cute! Thank you for posting!