Friday, August 13, 2021

A Fun Day in the Sewing Scrapatch


Improv ~ Stripes  ~ End Of Week

for the

30 Days of Improv Blocks QAL

@ Broadcloth Studio

Day 5 of Stripes Week called for incorporating negative space as a design element.

I pulled this 10" square from a different layer cake by Gingiber.

Then I pulled some cutoff strips from my scrap basket. 

After I cut and sewed my first improv, this little kitty came to supervise and help.
Do you know which little kitty is giving her paw of approval?

Here is another clue.

It is Maestro!

For those of you who read my kitty stories, you will know that Maestro has had few trips to the vets this summer. This is actually the first time she has jumped up on the table to help me  sew in weeks.

I am sew happy she is feeling playful again. 

This is the block that Maestro and I made together.

After that I played some more with my scraps. 

Which resulted in this scrappy improv block.

Then there were 7 blocks.

Then I went back to my machine to use up as many of the scrap strips as I could to make a long strip to add to the strip section of my quilt.

I am happy with this week of improv sewing and am looking to the new prompt for the week in my Sunday emails.

Time to work on my Bats & Boos Pumpkin blocks.

What are you planning to work on this weekend?

Have a happy quilty time! 


piecefulwendy said...

I'm enjoying watching your progress - your blocks look great! I am almost finished with one improv project; well, I think. My son just gave me another idea I need to play with, so it may have morphed yet again. And then I started an unplanned improv project that I just NEED to work on this weekend, because I want to see if it works out. It's a combo of improv and traditional piecing - not my pattern or design, but should be fun!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Love all these blocks and it must have been such happy, stress free sewing. I was thinking a whole quilt of that butterfly like one would be beautiful. I enjoyed the photo of Nutmeg in the quilt. ALso thanks so much for that recipe for peanut butter cups...a favourite of ours and I've never made them myself.