Sunday, January 6, 2019

Crazy Cat Lady & Fabric

Yes, I am a crazy cat lady and I have the fabric to prove it ... ;) 

I need to make a swap block, a sew along block,

and other quilty kitty projects.

Katniss is, of course, is helping choose the fabric. 

Are you a crazy cat fabric stasher, too?


  1. lol. No, I don't have many cat prints.

  2. Oh yeah. Need to make some quilts out of my cat fabric this year.

  3. I have cat prints! I use my sister as the excuse for getting all of the cat prints I now own! She loves cats in all colors, sizes and temperaments. (I have to confess, I do too!) If I see a new print or one that I hadn't seen previously, I do everything in my power to buy at least a yard of it.

  4. I actually try not to buy every cat print that I see ... because my stash overfloweth ... and my quilty kitty helpers and I are sew slow ... ;)

  5. I cannot pass up a cat fabric either! They make the cutest quilts and quilty things. I have 5 adult and 3 mo kittens. Winter on the farm means I have much too much help sewing (all smiles).


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