Thursday, January 10, 2019

Pretty Kitty Fabric , Blocks and Cats, Oh My!

More kitty fabric blocks! 

These are for a monthly sew along I am participating in
on the same FB group for which I sewed the Birthady Swap block. 

Here are the cutting instructions that were posted.

We may make the 12" or the 6" block or both.

Although we are a swap group,
we are sewing and keeping these blocks to make a quilt for our own use. 

Here are my fabric choices

I am sewing from my kitty fabric stash ... 

I am using the blue, raspberry, pink and black fabrics in my stash 
for my sew along blocks.

Here is the block layout for my 6" block.

The corner triangles were made in pairs using the draw a line method.

The cut apart, pressed and trimmed to size.

Here is the layout for my 6" block.

I fussy cut the centers.

This center kitty looks so much like my Nutmeg!

As you can see, Maestro was very helpful in my sewing room today. 

I am really enjoying seeing along and seeing everyones' blocks 
in our Facebook Kitty Quilters Group.

I will post my blocks here each month 
and my friend gave me permission to post her block instructions.

If you are a kitty lover and are interested in joining the FB group, 
send me an emailto
and I will pass your info along to our group leader.

Happy Sewing!  


  1. The Churn Dash is cute but Maestro is adorable.

  2. Good Morning! Love this churn dash block with the fabulous centers. Your Katitude block drew me over to see the story behind that post, but this one is equally as fun. Happy Friday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love the kitty theme. I am a cat lover and will pass on joining your group. I will continue to follow you. My severe depression hasn't lifted to the point that I have been able to even do any of my hobbies. The other day I told my son that I have not even lifted a knitting needle to do even one row since the middle of November. Then he realized how deep it is right now. That doesn't take much energy. I haven't done any form of quilting in five years. The doctors just can't seem to get the medication adjusted. At least I do look at others accomplishments via Bloglovin' and enjoy and rejoice in your accompishments. Right before the end of the year, I bought two pieces of cross stitch fabric with the thought of taking that up again. I haven't even taken the fabric out of the bag since I brought it home. My therapist suggested this week that I get a pet.


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