Monday, February 11, 2019

Peppered Cottons Are Beautiful Fabrics!

Peppered Shot Cotton fabrics are new to me.

I have never felt woven fabrics like these.

The are soft and silky to the touch.

The colors are, "Oh, So Beautiful!"

This color is called "Miami."
and is a blend of purple and blue threads.

"Peppered Cottons are a timeless classic and a favorite for quilters. 
These are yarn-dyed shot cottons, 
meaning the weft and warp are two different colors, 
giving each color a unique look. 
These shot cottons are a heavier weight that others on the market 
and thus have earned their standing as a 'favorite'."
 quoted from 

I bought my fabrics at 

Shot & Pepper Fabric Shop on Etsy

where the owner,  Marilyn, was very helpful and informative.

Each fabric came labeled by color and a
 care and information sheet for these fabrics
was included with my order.

These fabrics, with the Michael Miller black and white stripe on the right ...  

are intended for making my version of this quilt 

I blogged about this pattern HERE

I hope to be sewing this one soon,
but I have a few other projects in the queue.

Have you ever worked with Peppered Cottons before? 

I would love to hear about your experiences with these lovely fabrics.



  1. I also love peppered much fun to work with!

  2. Hi Pat! Oooh-la-la. I haven't worked with those fabrics - YET. I have been meaning to as I think they would be perfect in a Buffalo-type plaid quilt that I have floating around in my head. I just cannot wait to see how all these fabrics come together in this beautiful pattern. I have that striped fabric sitting right next to me in the living room. Why, you might wonder?! I brought it out to see how much of it I had left . . . and it hasn't made it back in to the sewing room yet. HAHA! Looking forward to your next post about this, and am wondering how the baby quilt with tags is going. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Pat you lucky girl. Those are some beautiful fabrics and I have two quilts on my must make list for after our move. This is one and the buffalo plaid Roseanne mentioned is two. This fabric would be perfect for both. Can hardly wait to see this quilt come together!!!!

  4. Here are some pretty Peppered Cottons quilt patterns to enjoy:


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