Friday, February 8, 2019

Not That I Needed More Fabric ...

I just went to look ... really I did!

I found these goodies at the

February Fabric Blowout Sale, Nashua, NH

Still happening tomorrow.
If you are interested and live close enough, click the above link.

These are brand new 
marked down.

I scooped these right up and found some beautiful
pink, red and ivory tonal yardage 
to sew with them.

There was only one left of these and I am sure it must now be gone.

The yardage was $3 and $5 a yard

How could I resist?

It was like an indoor yard sale run by a few nearby quilt shops.

I found these different aida cloth pieces 
that appealed to the newbie cross stitcher in me

There is an interesting panel under there, too.

"Bless This Home"
by Emily McGlothlen
for Henry Glass Fabrics.

Nutmeg and I are are quite contented with our new stuff.

My hubby even bought a couple of yards of fabric
although he is yet to sew a quilt.

It is good to have a hubby who understands that
collecting fabric and making quilts are two different things.



  1. You are curating a fabric collection!! Pretty fabric and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with it!!

  2. Oh those fabrics go so nicely with the charm packs! That will be gorgeous and Nutmeg is so pretty giving approval

  3. I'm so happy to not live close by, I have a loft of fabric and I am afraid the floor will fall in if I add even a fat quarter of fabric to my collection!
    Although if someone were to twist my arm a tad...

  4. What are you going to do with the Aida so as not to lose the beautiful texture? I have not seen anything near that. Beautiful. The charm pack enticement is absolutely gorgeous. I am waiting to see what you create. Thanks for sharing, Pat.

  5. My quilting friends and I went today! I feel good that I only spent $23 for 4-2/3 yards of fabric and a charm pack.


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