Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Art of Giving from the Heart

I like to stitch.

I am a very slow stitcher at this particular art form,
but that does not keep me from starting a project now and then.

This little pillow has gone to live with a friend of mine,
so it was time to begin anew.

This pattern is #5 in a packet of eight designs in

Simple Stitches
Waltzing With Bears

Pattern Available Here
I am not affiliated with this shop in any way.

I like these designs are easy,
the sayings very quaint,
and I hear the song about Uncle Walter
Waltzing with Bears in my head when I stitch.

I decided Tuesday while I was trying to rest
so I would not get ill,
that my hands needed something to do
and the cross stitching was not making me feel better.

So I started a new simple stitches.

Here is my new start.

"bumble bee, bumble bee ...
wake from winter slumbers
wings begin to hum"

  This made me smile ... :-) 


Sherry said...

Such sweet stitchery. Sometimes simpler is best.

claudia said...

Cute! It will be fun to watch this one grow!