Monday, March 4, 2019

Snow Much For Early Spring

16 Patchwork of the Crosses Blocks

This was my choice for

Slow Sunday Stitching

Slow Sunday Stitching

The last time I worked on my 30's fabrics Patchwork of the Crosses EPP blocks was 

When Maestro was a baby kitty who had just come home with us.

Awww ... she is so cute.

Hmmm ... I changed the final layout today.
I like the block I made.

I started this project almost two years ago

Here is Block 1 of my 30's POTC

Today I decided to pull these blocks out and see what I had done

Nutmeg helped.

Awww ... she is so cute.

When I last worked on these blocks,
poor baby Nutmeg was not in the picture
because she was still somewhere in a shelter in Carolina.

Nutmeg also helped me explore and lay out some of the blocks I had made.
I was obsessed with sewing these blocks for six months.
I got very little other sewing done.

We found there were 15 blocks and 3 connecting units.

I think it was the connecting units that may have cooled my obsession
about making these blocks.

I really enjoy the creative element of choosing
and fussy cutting
and laying out the cross blocks.

The connecting units ... not so much.

If I want a quilt, though, I have to sew the other units.

 I need to even this score.

So I will slowly sew the small connecting units.
Then there are corner units.
Sew them, too.

16 blocks could make a 4 by 4 wall quilt.

I can do that! 



Edit: woke up this Monday Morning to this ... 

Snow much for early Spring

#snowmuchforearlyspring    ;)


Kim said...

I love your EPP blocks. All fabrics are so cheerful and pretty. Yes, I think a 4 by 4 wall quilt oozing with these pretties would be fabulous.

Sherry said...

Oh sew pretty Pat, I know you will get that finish with your two helpers to assist.

Debi said...

Oh my, your blocks are lovely! I especially loved the photo of them all together. Also, love your daily posts--great job!

Ann B said...

I love seeing your kitties inspecting your sewing! Where is your other kitty?

PaulineG said...

Your pussy cats are totally adorable and your patchwork very beautiful. I hope the snow doesn't last long - what a nuisance it is. Hoping for Spring very soon. Love from Pauline in the UK.