Thursday, May 21, 2020

I Like Thursday # 56 ~ Everyday

Good Morning!

Dahlias are one of my plantings of choice this spring.

So this gorgeous burst of color greeted me on our outdoor fire pit table ...

... when I went out to sip my morning cup of frothy latte at 6:00am,
right after Mr Scrapatch left for work at his new "retirement job,"

Dahlias are not a perennial here in my northern clime so I am reading up on  them at ...

... in hopes of bringing them back next year.
I have not had much success winter other annuals
so time will tell.

I have pink ones like this one that has just been touched by the sun 
peeking around the roof of my neighbor on the east.

In addition to the pink, I have yellow ...

... and some of these beautiful flame touched ones.

I am going to put some in big pots and find the best sunny spots for them
and a couple in the ground and see which fares the best.

I have picked the floss colors for my custom house on the ...

As you can see the design house is mostly gray.
I like the look of their version.
I am just trying to make it look and feel a little more like my little home.

Back inside, I have started stitching my  modified version
of our brown roof line and green trim.
I have a plan.  Hopefully it will work
and look a little bit more like my home.

I have tried stitching outside,
but my eyes prefer the bright LED light I need to use to get the
needle into the right place in the cloth.

Nutmeg is helping and checking my work.
I love the way her fur glows orange in the sunlight 
coming in the window.

Here is my little Nutmeg on the flower table topper on my round coffee table.
that is the background of these photos.

I made this
a few years back and it is still my favorite.
There used to be a free tutorial for how I made this on Craftsy
but they took it away when the overhauled their site.
Maybe I need to find that tutorial.
It seems to have gone missing in my computer, too.
Maybe I shall have to do a makeover.
Hmmm .... ;)

Anyway ... today all I really want to say is ...

Everyday is a good day.


on my speakers.

Time to visit my

May you have a good day everyday.


MTBrx said...

Your Dahlias are stunning. I love the vibrant colors.

Nancy said...

I love your table topper! That is so cute. I am stating on my Feels like Home this week. We will see what I decide I need to do to be able to see better to stitch. I need so much more light than I used to.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Pat! Your Dahlias are just gorgeous. I have never planted them or tried to winter them, but I would love to give it a try. This weekend is the big planting push around these parts, so maybe I'll look for some at the garden center. I like having a winter 'science' project. Take care! ~smile~ Roseanne

PaintedThread said...

LOVE that table topper. Those Dahlias are beautiful - terrific colors. Yay! said...

The dahlias are gorgeous. I used to have a pretty big dahlia garden when I lived in Oregon. Swan Island Dahlias is an awesome grower and they have lots of literature on growing.

Dorian said...

Your dahlia's are beautiful Pat. Enjoy planting them. I love your table topper too :) Have a great day.

LA Paylor said...

squee! llama thread holders???!!! I need some too! How adorable are they? And nutmeg is on a fab flower table topper! So bright and happy. Shannon is a dahlia queen by the way... she'll share a love of them with you. LeeAnna

Lindah said...

Lucky lady you are, with flowers inside and out. Your dahlias look happy and healthy. DH bought one a couple years ago, a pretty purple one, and planted it in the rose bed where it blooms its heart out. If I recall correctly, dahlias sprout from a tuber and need to be dug up in autumn/replanted in spring in cold climates. We are in a mild climate and so we haven't.
I'm sure you will enjoy these beautiful flowers.