Monday, May 18, 2020

It's Cool to Be Square Blog Hop

My Quilty Love Cross Stitch is finished and ready to hang!

Welcome to my post of the 

When I saw this blog hop announcement, I knew just what I wanted to show and tell.

I had recently finished stitching my

I made some design options from the original pattern,
changing not only the colors, but leaving out some of the smaller hearts
and the ric-rac trim.

These finishing fabrics were in the plans before I picked my floss colors,
as fabric is always my first craft love.
All I knew was that I wanted to finish this cross stitch with these fabrics
but was not sure how to set it.

I decided that I did not want a traditional rectangular frame,
or one of the new trendy sticky board and plaque settings with bows and such.

I wanted something clean, crisp and modern,
like the cross stitch piece itself. 
I wanted to hang it on my wall.

My first thought was to make an actual quilt and give it a 

... but I wanted something that would keep it smooth and flat.

Then I had another thought! 

I bought this this 24" square artist's canvas on a 50% off sale at my local Michael's

just before everything in my state shut down.

I used this artist canvas method many years ago Here
to display another blog hop project
and it has been in my mind to do so again.

It seemed the perfect way to display my cross stitch.

This was very much a figure it out as I cut and sewed  project.

The cross stitch design finished at 9" by 12"
so I knew the fabric would have to be pieced to make it fit the square canvas.
I knew from the start that I do not want the cross stitch itself centered
but off-set in the upper right corner.
I knew I wanted the bright aqua print to frame the cross stitch.
I also knew I wanted to feature the lovely large rose print fabric. 

Sew I cut a 2.5" strips and sewed the fabric to frame my cross stitch HERE

This is how the fabric finished before I attached it to the canvas.

It is square ... about five inches larger than the artist canvas.

I cut a square of thin batting 24" square to pad the top of the canvas.

Then I simply layered batting and "quilt top" and turned it to the back,
stretched it straight and evenly, 
and used my heavy duty stapler to fasten it.

The staples are easily removed if I ever want to clean it or change it up. 


I created something simple and uncluttered to show off my handwork and fabric.

I really love this method and will use it again to display my cross stitch projects.

Here it is inside on my sunny yellow bedroom wall.

It makes me smile.

May you enjoy all the cool square projects in today ... 

Thank you to 
for hosting this fun blog hop.

It is very cool to be square ... :) 


margaret said...

what a great way to show off your cross stitch. Might just try it with some hardanger I have done, been wondering about trying to make a hardanger quilt this has inspired me thank you

Anita said...

A beautiful way to display your cross stitch! The fabrics you used to surround your embroidery are perfect for it.

Carol said...

I love this! Such a great idea for framing your cross stitch, and the fabrics are perfect for it! I've put a quilt block on a canvas frame which worked well. I will remember your technique if/when I finish another cross stitch. Thanks for sharing!

Dorian said...

Oh very nice Pat! You did a great job. It looks lovely on your pretty yellow wall.

Rebecca Smith said...

I am always amazed at how different the display can make a cross stitch look.

Elizabeth Coughlin said...

Your cross stitch piece is beautiful and I love the creative way you finished it off for displaying! said...

Pat the cross stitch piece is fabulous, and I love how you finished it all up. Great idea.

Carla said...

It's beautiful and I love displaying it on canvas. You certainly inspired me! Your cross stitch is so perfect and will bring lots of smiles.

LJ said... are cool and square, too. Love the wonderful setting you used for the CCS. Thank you for the great tutorial on just how you did it. Wonderful!

Lori said...

wow this is so pretty. thank you for sharing how you framed this. i love it. i have a cross stitch of a mouse laying in the middle of a huge sunflower, and really didnt want to just frame it. i love this idea. thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Vicki in MN said...

Cross stitch has really made a come back! I've got an itch to start again, but where or where do I find the time to do that too!! Your project is so cute, glad you were able to score the canvas before things went haywire.

Marian said...

awww this is so cute and I love the way you mounted it. The combination of techniques is pretty darn cool. Love the colors.

Kathleen said...

It is very cool to be square, especially the one now hanging in a place of honor.

works4me said...

It is definitely cool to be square. What a great project and inspired idea for display. Thanks for taking us through the process.

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

So pretty!I used to cross stitch years and years ago, but not enough time to do it all anymore. I really like the whole setting you made for it and it looks fabulous on the wall.

Calicojoan said...

Your cross stitch is absolutely gorgeous and using a canvas for mounting is my favorite thing to do. It really is a secret that canvas is not just for painters after all! LOL!!

Carol Andrews said...

Great way to display your cross stitch. Well done! Thanks for sharing. 😄 Carol

Julierose said...

Beautiful setting for your lovely cross stitch...And I love the mini charm tute form Kathleen,
too. ~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That's a great idea for finishing off your stitching and patchwork, and making it easy to hang on the wall, too! I'll have to remember that. The cross-stitch is beautiful, too, Pat!

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Love the way you finished your cross stitched piece with patchwork! Great job.

tubakk said...

That rose fabric is smashing in your quilt.

tink's mom said...

I love this piece and how you have chosen to showcase it. Very impressed with the stitching. I really thought it was a much larger piece. The detail is wonderful.

Quilting Gail said...

You have done a tremendous amount of work ... cross-stitching ... impressive.
However, the wonderful way you showcased your work is absolutely brilliant!
Well done! :-)

Karen's Korner said...

Love the idea of using the canvas to show off your gorgeous cross stitch.

Carol S. said...

This is so beautiful and I love the idea of putting it on a canvas. I've thought of doing something like this before, so now your instructions have my mind ticking away with ideas. Thank you for sharing and being such a cool blog hopper!

Karrin Hurd said...

Great finish and lovely way to showcase your beautiful stitching!

beaquilter said...

wow that's adorable!

dq said...

Oh, it is so darn cute!! Cross stitch takes so much time!

I love the colors!

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a lovely art piece you created for the Hop!! Thanks for sharing. Framing your quilt can be a fun technique for display, can't it?!

Charlene McCain said...

Beautiful needlepoint! I love the colors you chose. This is a really nice way to frame your way and display it.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful piece of art! Thanks for sharing your cool square project.

Emily said...

Wow, I love incorporating the cross stitch into a bigger piece of art! Great idea! And your project turned out beautifully.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is such a sweet little piece. The fabrics and design compliment the stichery. I just love how you framed this.

Susan said...

What fun! And I like the post that came after it even more. This is a great morning sight. Or any time of day sight. =)