Friday, May 15, 2020

Maestro Picks Our DMC Floss Pack Winner!

We have a Winner for or 

There were 18 comments on our post and two comments asked not to be in the drawing. 

I wrote all the comment numbers and names on a scrap paper and cut them apart.
Ever helpful, Maestro joined me at the computer.

I folded the strips up tightly and put them in my pin dish.
Maestro dug right in but had trouble picking one up with her teeth.

So I spread them out on the table and she picked one right away out of the middle ...

... and chased this one off the table onto the floor.
Maestro is a smart kitty.
She only knocked one of them off the table
so this is clearly meant to be her pick as the winner.

I picked it up and opened it and Maestro gave it the paw of approval.

Comment # 11 from Nancy is our winner!

Nancy said...
Those colors do match your fabric better. I would love to win the pack of DMC. I tried to buy it but it was out. I have been hesitant to search for possible substitutes as I am just not up to the mess I would create right now.


moosecraft said...

lol! That's a fantastic way to pick a winner! :-)

Material Girl said...

Good job by the kitty cat,LOL. Isn’t it nice that Nancy won something she had been looking fir!

theresa said...

That is a unique way to pick a winner. Congratulation Nancy

Nancy said...

Thank you so much. I love seeing the pictures of Maestro. What a fun activity for your helper kitty.