Thursday, July 22, 2021

I Like Thursday # 103 ~ Just Another Week In The Scrapatch


I have always liked receiving these surprise packages.

Today my Sew Samplers are packing up and moving on.

I have been cleaning my quilting room.

These boxes take up a lot of space.  Some of these boxes are almost empty as I sewed the projects or used the fabric for other purposes. Receiving these boxes brought much sewing happiness to my life.  After many years of enjoying these monthly boxes, I canceled my subscription.

Subscriptions are open , if your are interested.

 Sew Sampler Subscription ~ Sign Up Here

 I am sorting through these boxes and packing up items I plan sell or give away. May they bring joy to others. The cardboard boxes will be recycled. 

I have sew many things I want to sew and sew little time.  


When I take a break from cleaning, I am looking at all the new fabrics coming out. 

This one,  Eve @ Art Gallery Fabrics

is by Bari J, whose dramatic colors and designs usually appeal to me.

This collection has this very interesting Free Pattern

Garden of Eve Quilt Pattern ~ Free PDF Here

I really like this unusual twist on the rail fence pattern.  I think I would sew this in different fabrics, though.  If I do sew, it will be a "stash" quilt.

I have also been perusing the upcoming collections

in this new online issue of  Piece by Moda Fabrics

My favorite collection in this book is the cover one, Beautiful Day by Corey Yoder.

It is the reds and grays that call to me the most. 

 Check out the beautiful red and white panel Here on Corey Yoder's IG feed

Right now I am looking and not even thinking of buying.


When I am not cleaning or looking at fabric,  I am reading.

I saw this book, Overstory by Richard Powers,
on someone's blog last week and ordered a copy right away.
This is the kind of book that raises my awareness of the natural world around me and cocoons me within it at the same time. 
I do not know how I missed this much celebrated book when it was published.
I am happy I found it now.  Thanks to whoever posted it.

I love the tiny sewing machine on this metal bookmarker.  
I cannot tell you where I found this either. It  always makes me smile.

I hope to have my cutting table cleared and to be sewing again later today.

For now I am visiting with my friends,

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

to share the small joys of life. 

Happy Thursday!


Sherrie said...

I use boxes that I get from our local liquor store. They are so roomy and holds lots of stuff in them. I cover them in a pretty wrapping paper. I really like those fabrics. I'll have to head over and check them out. Haven't read your book, so I'll be checking this out. Have a great day!

Gretchen Weaver said...

I'm tempted sometimes to subscribe to subscription boxes but then I think I already have so many fabrics, so I really need more? Enjoy your book, happy sorting!

piecefulwendy said...

I used to get the Sew Sampler boxes too. I enjoyed that little box of surprises each month, but I eventually just felt I needed to give it up. Many of my go-to tools came in those boxes! Corey Yoder's fabric is always gorgeous; her line is one of my favorites. I haven't read that book, so I should make a note of that, too.

Ulrikes Smaating said...

Hej Pat,

I should also sort my fabrics and clean up! :0) I like to buy special fabrics and look onto other blogs to get inspiration. Perhaps are you more "free" now without the monthly boxes? I like your little sewingmachine bookmark :0) I have been operated my left shoulder in maj month, so I am a little bit handicapped now. I enjoy to read books. But I have several Quilt projects and cannot wait until I can start up again...The biggest one is the Shop Hop Quilt from Sewfreshquilts. I am a great Harry Potter Fan and I adapted the pattern :0) To the Diagon Alley....Have a nice weekend, Pat! Hugs from Denmark, Ulrike :0)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Pat, I have mentioned The Overstory a couple times on my blog because I think it is so well written and the message is so important too. I also liked the way you could read a chapter at a time and put it down. Meanwhile, Art Gallery have fabulous lines and provide so many beautiful patterns free. I love their Look Books. SO much pretty fabric out there. Thanks for sharing!