Sunday, April 5, 2020

Every Little Mask Helps

I am sewing Personal Use Fabric Masks.

I am using two layers or washed 100% tight woven quilting cotton.

I am using this

Easy DIY Fabric Mask Pattern 

Deaconess Hospital, Boston

They also have a
Free Mask Pattern with Tie Backs

I am adding a nose wire pocket
and making one deep chin tuck pleat
and a smaller ear tuck pleat.
This makes the mask more comfortable to wear.
I may make button headbands next.

My husband and I both need a larger mask.

I am cutting 7.5" by 11" rectangles of top fabric and white lining fabric.
My elastics are cut at 5"

I have found online that if you cut the filter lining from a clean, unused
vacuum cleaner bag you can add an inner liner layer that is N95 equivalent.
It does make the mask warmer and less breathable.

Making and wearing personal use masks from materials I have at home
helps me to feel that I am helping others.

There are many, many mask patterns on the web.

May you find one that works for you and ...

... sew many masks.

Every little mask helps.

May you and yours be well and safe and calm.



liferecipes said...

Thank you for the filter idea! I do have several vacuum bags I can donate to the cause. There are many sewists here in Blackfoot, Idaho who will love to hear this. I feel so badly about the medical personnel in New York not being protected with old masks! They should not be exposed to so much disease. Grrr!

I'm sewing a few masks tomorrow, for sure! We have two docs in our family I need to protect.

Farm Quilter said...

I've heard that coffee filters are great for masks as well!!