Monday, June 3, 2019

Happy New Quilty Week

There is quilting  again on This Quilt at last.

It was a mixed Sunday filled with

enjoying the flowers outside,

hoping in the car and heading off to a family get-together,

coming home to find storm clouds moving in.

This is a storm sky in the northeast, coming down the river from the north
and bringing rain, wind and lightening, 
the type that can bring damage 
but last night the closest lightning strike was over a mile away in that direction.

All we had to do was put away a few seedlings,
close up the house
and turn of the power strips a few times.

I did get one row and the top border done on this quilt.

I am quilting free style hearts and flowers
on this "Blueberry Park" fabric
and am pleased with my progress so far.

Have some piecing to do today and then hope to get at ;east one more row done.

I had to stop early last night in part to another storm
but also because my eyes were very bleary and tired.

Today it is bright and sunny,
a clear day after the storms.

May you have a Happy Monday! 

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