Sunday, June 9, 2019

My Happy Garden Block Quilt ~ Setting Block Tutorial

Here is my first Garden Happy Block

This block now measures 14.5" square.

This is my setting for the 
where I decided to make a variation of a Garden Fence Block to 
make my blocks larger and set them into my quilt.

This is the center 8.5" square in my Happy Garden Block.

You may use any 8.5" block in this setting
or cut an 8.5" square large print Focus Fabric  
for the center of this block.

Here is the cutting diagram to make this 14.5" block

Grid Fabric (Gray)
B  ~ Cut Two 1.5" by 8.5" rectangles
C ~ Cut Two 1.5" by 10.5" rectangles.
D ~ Cut Four 1.5" by 2.5" rectangles

Outer Border Color  (Green)
E ~ Cut Four 2.5" by 5" rectangles
F Cut Four  2.5" by 7" rectangles.

Pressing Instructions:
Press all seams outward or press open.

Sew one grid fabric B to either side of the 8.5" Center Block or Square
Press and trim.

Sew one grid fabric C to the other two sides of the Center Block or Square.
Press and trim to 10.5" square

Sew one 1.5" by 2.5" grid piece D between 
two 2.5" by 5" ~ E
two 2.5" by 7" ~ F
pieces and press as shown or open.

Sew one 10.5" strip unit to opposite sides of the grid framed center block, 

then trim this unit to 10.5" by 14.5"

Sew the last 2.5" by 14.5" units to the last two sides 
and press and then trim to a 14.5" unfinished block.

I am still sewing.

It has been a long day spent mostly outdoors 
working in the gardens and enjoying the day.

Time for sleep.

I will finish this first batch of Happy Garden Blocks tomorrow.

More Happy Blocks are on they way!

A few of the blocks are coming from Canada and as far away as Australia.

These pretty blocks are making my days happy and quilty.

Hope to have finished quilt by the end of the month ... :-) 


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Oh I love these blocks and you are so right, they are going to be such a pretty quilt. Thanks for the tutorial too.

Quilting Babcia said...

Thanks for such a clear and concise tutorial. These blocks are pretty and so adaptable.