Wednesday, June 26, 2019

My Quilty Adventures ~ Back To Quilting

Remember this quilt?

You can still see the impressions from the old quilting lines I picked out on the right.

The last time I posted this quilt was  Here  in early June.

In the interim, I have added two more quilt tops to the queue now.

When I started wearing this thing for awhile
I have found that quilting on the long arm is the thing that apparently aggravates 
my wrist pain the most.
I have been trying to figure out how to do all I want to do,
including quilting, and not have to wear the brace.
It has been going well until tonight
after a long evening of long- arming.
I will have to wear the brace tonight again.

Maestro has been supervising, of course.

Maestro says, "Time to call it a night, Mommy."

Tomorrow is another quilting day.

I am pleased with how the free motion hearts and swirls are looking.

This is a learning quilt.

I will love it even though it will not be "perfectly quilted." 

I hope tomorrow to get this one done.

Sweet quilty dreams!


lmno said...

Two suggestions. This may sound strange but it helped me so much. 1 - concentrate on dropping your shoulders, whether standing at a counter, drying your hair, driving, or brushing teeth, etc. 2 - Note the position of your feet when standing. Stand squarely with feet facing forward (parallel) while at the cutting table or washing dishes or during meal preparation. Place weight evenly. There is a great book about Trigger Point Therapy that offers a variety of other options as well. A wrist brace is a nice way to give the pain a rest, but I didn't want to come to rely on it. I was afraid of muscle weakness and used it sparingly. Now I don't need it at all.

tealeafquilts said...

I've been renting the longarm at the LQS instead of buying one. Its exhausting but fun. I'm usually sweaty and tired when done and last time it was only two hours. I'm not inspired to buy one.