Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ribbit ... Ribbit ... Ribbit ... Repeat

is on-going ... and going ... and going on. 

The quilty kitties are helping.

In this photo, Maestro looks like she does not quite understand the concept.

It tried again to explain that I want to un-quilt this one so I can
quilt it again on my new longarm.
On the surface of things, it seams not to make much sense.
I know I would never finish this quilt on my regular machine now.
Trying to do the same quilting on the new long arm would not match.

It is too pretty a quilt top to let sit unfinished in my closet.

This is the way to go.

Maestro say,  " You can do this, Mommy.  I love you."

Maestro may not understand this reasoning,
but she is supportive.

I can do this!

The sun is shining today!

I was forgetting what the sun looked like.

May the sun shine in your life 
and may your quilty adventures be more productive than mine today.

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I like your quilt block design and the fabric colors you sewed into it.

  2. Beautiful quilt and I can't wait to see what FWQ you choose to do on it with your new LA!!! Frogging isn't fun but totally worth it!!


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