Saturday, May 18, 2019

Inside ~ Outside

The morning started inside with Maestro and I still working on de-threading 

Outside the lure of sunshine, green grass, fresh air beckoned me.

The sight and scent of spring won out.

I took my second cup of coffee and my garden gloves out to the yard swing,
filled the feeders and the birdbath and watched the birds ...

... and the critters.

Despite Maestro's best effort to work on inside without me,

Evening found the cat asleep on my sewing chair and the top folded up
and placed on chair back.

I did get the relatively thread-free backing loaded onto the frame
as darkness fell outside my windows. 

I am too tired to finish the process of pressing the top and loading 
it onto the bar tonight.

Tomorrow is another day.

May you have a happy weekend inside and out.


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Suze said...

Pat, I'm thrilled that you are having lovely spring weather. Monday Tulsa Public Schools canceled school due to the inclement weather forecast. There was a forecast for severe weather. There was a forecast for extreme spring storms with lightning, thunder and rain and possible tornadoes. The Corp of Engineers had been letting water out of the dam north of Tulsa at a high rate for days and then had scaled that outflow back in anticipation of this forecast. The lake had been 24 feet above normal and had fallen to 21.45 feet above normal. However, there has been lots of rain involved with this storm system. The tornado sirens have gone off three times in the last three days (twice today) indicating for folks in my neighborhood that tornadic activity is ripe for a tornado in my vicinity and that we should take cover in our place of shelter. My son who lives in Arkansas had just texted me to ask if I was getting pelted with rain and wind when the sirens went off the last time. He told me that that was a possible tornado on the ground just south of the Arkansas River just south of me about five or six miles. Then I heard the sirens. It was dark outside, so it was more difficult to process. I adore the quilt that you have unquilted and are getting ready to finish on the longarm. I understand why you are doing it. I hope you enjoyed your time outside. I'm sure the kitties were glad to have you back inside with them. Good luck on your quilt. Suze