Monday, May 13, 2019

The Scrapatch Studio ~ Two Rooms ~ One Purpose

The Sewing & Design Room

This nice squishy mat for standing on while quilting is a new addition,
a Mother's Day gift from one of my sons.

This reorganization has been approved by Scrapatch Quilty Kitties,
my every helpful assistants.

New List of Goals:

(1) Finishing our Dream Big Quilt,

(2) Loading another quilt on our long arm,

(3) Catching up with some block piecing,

and most important ...

Just Having Fun! 

Have a Happy Quilty Monday! 


Farm Quilter said...

Looks wonderful!! Enjoy being creative in your new quilting room!!

claudia said...

Who wouldn't have fun with those three assistants? I'm loving hearing your adventures with the new longarm.