Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Beothuk Star QAL ~ Block 1

Block 1 done for the 

Since I only actually started cutting and sewing this quilt 

I am very pleased with my progress.

I think all the HSTs are in the right places and turned the right way.

I had a very helpful block inspector when I went to photograph this block
so I took it outside to enjoy the end of day sun in my yard.

No roofers today.
Well they boss showed up in the morning.
but he did not have enough workers.
Hopefully tomorrow will be the day.

My hubby did not enjoy getting up early to move his car
 when he is usually sleeping for his nightshift job
and he is even less happy pleased that he has to do it over again tomorrow. 

I am enjoying sewing along
and I love my fabrics! 

Only a few fat quarters needed to participate.

There were some pretty kits, too.

Are you sewing along?


  1. Pretty choice of fabrics. My progress on this project is slow.

  2. Looks wonderful - the colors are reminiscent of sea glass, which I just love finding at the beach. Hope those roofers get the job done soon. How will your husband sleep through that racket???

  3. Woot woot - you got it all together. I love that spectacular center fabric - love, love, love every bit of this block. I hope today is a better day for roofers and roofing and that your DH can still get some rest. ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. Maybe you're missing the Thursday post because good roofing things are happening! I'll check back.


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