Thursday, May 23, 2019

I Like Thursdays ~ Post # 13 ~ A New Roof Over the Scrapatch

I like sitting outside stitching in the early morning sun.

7:00am found me sitting on our covered deck slowly stitching on my 

I bought my pattern in pdf form directly from the designer 

I like that the work crew showed up today and the sun is shining
and the roof over my happy place is getting fixed.
The Scrapatch really needed a new roof.

There was a bit of drama with us telling them to get off our friendly neighbor's driveway
when they took over her yard 
(after we had specifically told them not to when 
they quoted the job and we signed the papers
and they said it would not be a problem)
when they were clearing the roof.

After we got them back where they belonged,
I went back to counting stitches and it calmed me.

Now it is all good. 

I am making good progress and so are the roofers.

12:00pm when I looked up from counting and stitching, 
I decided it was time to take my laptop out of the case 
and found I was missing my usual Thursday fun
 visiting and reading about the life and times of the

I Like Thursday Quilters @ Not Afraid of Color

Time to find a bit of lunch.
Good day for takeout to be enjoyed on the deck.

Happy Thursday!  


  1. Oh work a woman alone and dealing with them. Just rolling my eyes and saying men. Love the cross stitch.

  2. A new roof is good - drama with the roofers, not so much! Sounds like it all worked out, though. That flag cross stitch is lovely, and working on it outdoors really sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to getting that kind of weather back!

  3. Huzzah for a new roof. I haven't done a cross stitch in ages. I agree, they are calming!

  4. What a lovely spot to sit outside and cross stitch! Work crews can be a pain but sounds like it all turned out okay. It's great to get a new roof and not have to worry about it anymore!


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