Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saturday Sewing ~ Seaglass

This morning these lovely green and blue pieces of my sea glass fabrics
for my

were all over my cutting table.

I briefly considered putting these away for another day 
and'sewing scraps for my usual scrappy Saturday.

I briefly considered going into my quilting room to quilt.

Then I went outside where the sun was shining and did not get back to 
making my quilty decision until after dark.

It was a lovely day outside and we did yard work,
ran errands, lunched out and just sat and enjoyed the yard as much as possible.

Here is Block 2 

This evening I just picked up the sea glass pieces and pieced out.

Because I opted not to cut the centers of my star,
I am devising my own construction method.

I discovered I needed to do this after I sewed 

Block 1

So my seam ripper and I had a fun time taking off the bottom row of this block 
and sewing it into the center strip instead.

Here is one side  of my quilt and the center strip.

The last two corners should go together quickly now.
I am actually ahead on this quiltalong.
My top will be together soon. 
Perhaps tomorrow ~ perhaps not.

I am feeling the pull of the tides as I sew these blocks.

Maybe it might be a good weekend to answer the call of the sea
and take a walk on the sand and look for real beach glass and eat seafood on a dock.
That is something we have done many a Memorial Day Weekend.

May you enjoy your long weekend, too. 

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Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Pat! Oh yes, listen to the call of the tides and find some real sea glass. I have a friend that has been collecting for years and has several vases full of the lovely inspiration. How great is that, to be ahead on the quilt along?! I am not - I haven't even barely sewed a stitch so far this weekend. But I do have the paper pulled from a paper piecing project that is hanging over my head causing me stress. Hopefully grilling out today if the rain stays away long enough. Enjoy! ~smile~ Roseanne