Monday, May 20, 2019

Pieces of My Scrappy Heart

Today I needed to catch up on piecing some scrappy heart swap blocks.

Nutmeg was my quilty kitty helper today.

Kitty and I have a few more blocks to make to mail out by the end of the month.

It has turned very warm and humid, more summer weather than spring.

We even had some thunderstorms move through tonight.



Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Pat! That is one happy looking heart-shaped block. I love scrappy blocks, and all of those just mesh together so nicely. It will make for one stunning quilt top when combined with so many other scrappy blocks. Oooh, that will be pretty. ~smile~ Roseanne

piecefulwendy said...

Oh, that scrappy heart is really fun. Nutmeg (cute name) looks like a good helper, and is looking very gorgeous on top of all those colorful scraps!

Rebecca Burch said...

Oooh... what a great-looking block! I sure wish I was in this swap with you... LOL! And thunderstorms? Yep, we've had those, too, tho just north of us they had SNOW!

Sandra Walker said...

I love just messing around creating stuff with scraps! Such a pretty heart, and oh such a pretty kitty, with a great name. Hope they are surviving the roofing... We are under tarps up there today as it's a rainout day, so no more work until tomorrow, sniff!