Thursday, July 11, 2019

I Like Thursday # 19 ~ I Love Summer In My City Garden

Welcome to summer in my little garden in the city!

I like to spend time in my shady backyard when 
the days are as sunny and warm as they have been this week.
Our cold and wet spring has warped into a hot and dry summer.

The new gate is looking better.
There is still more work to do,
such as planting a climbing rosebush
and putting some pea gravel 
on the step up and around the base to keep down the weeds.

We have also been doing some work in the back yard gardens
and have moved the bird feeders and pole 
near to our bird loving neighbor.

We added this new planter with hangers and a solar light
in the small circular garden.

This is what the solar light looks like out my kitchen window at dusk.

The birds found the feeders very quickly.

The birds have really been happy to splash in our birdbath
in the heat.

We welcome all the birds in our yard,
though we prefer this city bird does not bring
all his friends and relations.
Usually there are only two or three at most.

Harley the ground hog has been visiting us and munching on the clover, too.
I interrupted his lunch yesterday and he skedaddled
back to the corner of our neighbor's yard where he disappears into the bushes,
but not before stopping and trying to make dessert of my neighbor's petunias.
I told the hog to please not eat the flowers and the cafe was closed.

While watering the garden on our front lawn, I spied this cocoon
attached to the stalk of our lavender.

I love sharing our cottage garden with all feathers and friends.
This is a mourning dove made golden in a patch of setting sunlight.

It was a lovely evening sitting on my yard swing as the sun set.

Since it is Thursday, I will be visiting the

I Like Thursday Bloggers @ Not Afraid of Color

and see how their gardens are growing.

May all your days be happy and filled with nature's beauty.

Here is my

Block 11 for the

100 Days 100 Block Party @ GnomeAngel

I am really enjoying sewing these blocks.

Have a Happy Thursday! 


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi, what a beauty of a garden! Don’t you just love the way Bird’s take a bath...the robins really love the water. Drink in the sights and with stitching in hand, that is me these days and therapeutic to me...hope for you too! said...

OMG your garden is fabulous. I so love your gate, and fencing.

Roseanne said...

Hi Pat! What a lovely backyard you have. And the gate now looks like it's always been there, doesn't it? I love to watch the birds especially at the bird bath. Well, and at the feeder too. It's time for me to refill my hummingbird feeder - it didn't even make it a week! I still can't get a picture but I'm going to keep trying. ~smile~ Roseanne

Julierose said...

What an absolutely stunning garden you've created--just am green (lol) with envy!! I especially like that planter pole with the solar light--enjoy your garden spot...hugs, Julierose

LA Paylor said...

Oh how charming! Magical too, love the turquoise rail, the solar lights the birdbath and critters. Not so much the pigeons around here the most messy noisy and numerous birds. I want to come wander your garden, to paint and write there. I need to make this yard a haven too. Now I'm seeing what thrives and what doesn't, and all I need is money and time to change it a bit. I do miss the screened in porch we had in MD. Can you believe you are almost at the 5 month mark of doing like posts? I'm so glad!!! LeeAnna

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

Oh my goodness-your gardens are so lush! Just beautiful and I would love just sitting there doin nothin.

Shannon said...

Oh your garden is so lovely! I really like that hanging circle garden and the gate is great. It will look pretty with climbing roses! We haven't had pigeons, but I did have a grackle infestation earlier in the summer, I'm glad they've mostly moved on and we have a larger variety of feathered friends now.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You have a lovely yard and garden, Pat! I enjoyed the tour through it. We also love having birds in our yard, so the feeders and the bird bath are favorite items.Happy Thursday, Pat!

PaintedThread said...

You have such a pretty garden. I miss the birdbath - I love watching the birds dunk themselves. I'm amused at your groundhog sniffing the flowers. Good stuff!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

You have a beautiful yard and oh so cozy for the birds, insects, and other guys. That photo of the catapillar is so cool. I haven't seen them since I was knee-high once upon a time.

sewyouquilt2 said...

Love your garden oasis
What a great place to sit and quilt. We have a groundhog too eyeing my container veggies. I didnt know he would be coming to dinner i would have planted extra lol