Monday, February 1, 2021

Little Questions ~ Big Questions


Time for this week's border for the 

Week # 3 @ Anja Quilts

This week the challenge is geese. 

This one is proving a bit of a challenge for me.

Not the sewing part.

I have my tried and true method for flying geese.

I like to cut corners and chain piece.


The challenge is the layout.

How much background fabric in this border?


Size of Geese?

Cornerstones or not?

These are The Little Questions.


Hmmmmm ... shall have to hope my quilting muse speaks.


More geese  later ... hopefully ... coming soon.


I may be a bit distracted by the white stuff floating down outside my window

and preoccupied by ...

The Big Question:

How Much Will Pile Up?

There have been estimates of almost two feet locally.

Fortunately, the business where Mr Scrapatch works closed early,

so I do not have to think about him being out there stuck in it.

Wind picking up.

Trying not to think about possible power outage.

Hmmm ... 

I need to think about the little questions,

the ones I can decide.


What are you working on? 

May you and yours be safe and warm and happy and healthy.



Chantal said...

Good questions. ;^)

piecefulwendy said...

Oh, I hope the power stays on so you can tuck in and sew those geese! Glad your husband doesn't have to be out in it either! I know you'll come up with something just right!

Jacqueline said...

Fabric choices are out of my box but I am really liking them. Hmmm

Dorian said...

Those are the fun questions :) I'm sure you'll figure it all out. I'm glad to hear that Charlie is not having to work in that snowstorm. Our's has turned to rain, but it might turn back to snow late tonight. But then it will go away on Wed night and we'll have some lovely sun. Enjoy your sewing space and have a great day.